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Our Company

North Shore Logistics is one of the best intermodal drayage companies in the Chicago area. With over eighty years of servicing our customers in on time deliveries and first class communications. We have become an industry leader in import and export drayage. Our fleet of lightweight trucks allows our customers to ship heavy without worry. Our dispatch system moves these trucks efficiently. Our state of the art software plans the most efficient routes keeping our customer’s needs and requirements in mind. Our ability to move containers locally and throughout the Midwest is unsurpassed. North Shore Logistics has interchange agreements with every major railroad and steamship line allowing each of our customers the flexibility of a competitive edge. In addition to our agreement with UIIA, we also have interchange agreements with all major equipment suppliers. North Shore Logistics has a strong customer base of Intermodal Marketing Companies (IMCs), all major railroads, equipment providers, and steamship lines. This has made us one of the best intermodal drayage companies in Chicago. When you add our extensive experience and company owned lightweight tractors and chassis together with our personalized service it is easy to understand why we are one of the best intermodal drayage companies in Chicago.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide service of the highest quality. We will meet and exceed our customers' needs with on-time delivery and competitive pricing. North Shore will continue to create jobs and opportunities for members of the minority and refugee communities.

Our Safety

North Shore Logistics services it's customers with the highest safety ratings given by the US Department of Transportation.




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